Help us honour survivors and people who lost their lives to gay and trans hate violence.

The construction of a monument is an important outcome for this project however the journey there and after its construction is just as important.

The exact amount of funds required is not yet known. We are aiming to raise $200,000. A series of fundraising events will be held and more details to follow.

What will the money be used for?

  • Community awareness and consultation, including marketing expenses and community events

  • Commissioning processes, including curator and artist fees

  • Monument construction costs such as earth works and construction materials

All donations over AUD$2 are fully tax deductable.

All donations will be made to ACON Health Limited trading as ACON | ABN: 38 136 883 915 | CFN 21473

Who's donating

James Brooking
William Brougham
Peter Boyd
Ronald Ward
Stephen Heasley
Holly Love
Tim Murray
Louise Molloy
Merryn Fiona Hill
Steven Cateris
Matt Young
Matthew Jones
Stephen Gersbach
David Vaughan
Taylor McBeath
Rob Hardy
Ben Reuter
Cate Thomas
Michael Boatswain
chris lusham
Theodore Gouskos
Margy Pitt
Carlos Baez
Nada Streulens
Gary Crawford
william harris

Honour the past, celebrate the present, create an inclusive future!