Honouring survivors and people lost to gay and trans hate violence

Between the late 1970s and early 1990s, a wave of violence swept through coastal Sydney, claiming the lives of many gay men and trans people. Thousands more were also bashed and terrorised.  

At the time, some of the deaths were officially recorded as ‘suicide’, ‘misadventure’ or ‘accident’.

Today, we know that many of these people were murdered and assaulted by homophobic gangs. We also know that the police investigations at the time were inadequate. More information can be found in About Us page.

Justice needs to be served, and a range of people and organisations are currently seeking redress in various ways.

SBS’s recent Deep Water programming has also shone a light on this this dark chapter in Sydney’s history.

However these people need to be honoured, and their suffering – as well as that of their family, friends and the LGBTI community – needs to be remembered to ensure that event such as this does not reoccur. 

Help us build a memorial 

NSW LGBTI health organisation ACON has teamed up with Waverley Council to construct a memorial artwork in Bondi’s Hunter Park to pay tribute to the victims. You can read more about this in our press release.

In addition to honouring the people who lost their lives, the memorial aims to help heal the trauma these terrible events have caused for the families and friends of the victims as well as people who have survived violence.

The memorial will also serve as a reminder of the importance of valuing and celebrating diversity in our community.

While planning is only in the early stages, there is a strong commitment from ACON and Waverly Council to make the memorial a reality.

We need to raise $200,000 to fund the initial community consultation as well as the commissioning, construction, dedication and maintenance of the planned memorial.

Help us bring honour the victims of gay and trans hate and build a beacon of hope for all victims of prejudiced related violence.      

All donations over AUD$2 are fully tax deductible.


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Honour the past, celebrate the present, create an inclusive future!