Get Involved

The Bondi Memorial Project is a community-led undertaking. For the project and the monument to be meaningful and have a life after its construction it is important that community members have input into its development.

Community events and initiatives around the Bondi Memorial Project are held with the aim of:

• Providing information about gay and trans hate murders and violence
• Provide historical context in an effort to understand how the murders happened
• Explaining the relevance of historical hate crimes to modern days
• Hearing people’s stories
• Getting input into the design of the monument
• Explain the project, timeline and process


Bondi Badlands Historical Violence Walking Tour

Delivered by Greg Callaghan, author of the true crime novel Bondi Badlands, the tour provides a detailed insight into the lives of four gay men who sadly went missing or lost their lives at Marks Park, Bondi.

Intended to raise awareness and contribute to community healing, the tour explores local and LGBTIQ history and sheds light on the circumstances that gave rise to the wave of violence during the 1980’s and 1990’s and pays respect to the many lives impacted.

This engaging and informative walking tour will take you around picturesque Mackenzies Headland, Bondi.

To find out more about the walking tour, click here.