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In a dark period of New South Wales’ history between 1975 and 2000, it is estimated that 84 gay men and 4 transgender women were killed by acts of anti-gay and anti-transgender violence and thousands more survived violent attacks. In some cases, these deaths were attributed to improbable “accidents” and unlikely “suicides”. More than 20 cases remain unsolved leaving families and loved ones without answers, closure or justice.

Many of these attacks were brutal, including stabbings, strangulation, bludgeoning, shooting, sexual assaults and frenzied attacks. Some of the crimes were fuelled by HIV stigma. Many people are still living with grief and trauma.

In search for justice and healing, ACON and NSW Police reviewed a list of 88 gay and transgender hate killings. ACON summarised key findings in their In Pursuit of Truth and Justice Report. The NSW Parliament acted on these findings by initiating a formal Inquiry in September 2018 to better understand the extent and impact of violence, whether LGBTIQ people in New South Wales were effectively protected and justice delivered, and whether the current response to hate crimes is adequate.

Read the Interim Report from the first phase of the Inquiry


Inquiry Reopened

The NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into LGBT violent hate crimes has reopened and currently taking submissions from people community members and anyone else who would like to share their experiences or views.


Make a submission:

Did you or a loved-one experience hate-motivated violence? Have you got something to say about historical violence?

 What to include in your submission:

  • Share your experiences of violence and the impact on you
  • What support did you receive
  • Your interactions with police and the justice system
  • Your views on whether the LGBT community was protected and if justice was served
  • Your thoughts on how to support people with healing
  • What would you like to see changed or improved to better respond to anti-LGBT violence today

If you’d like to get involved, please contact Michael Atkinson via or 9206 2116

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