Nicholas Parkhill

Nicolas Parkhill is the CEO of ACON, NSW’s leading community organisation specialising in HIV and LGBTQ health.

Since 2015, ACON has been working with Waverley Council to establish a permanent memorial site in Marks Park, Tamarama in honour of victims and survivors of LGBTQ hate and violence. Many of these horrific acts took place along the coastal walk from Bondi and Tamarama including Marks Park.

“The Bondi Memorial will help acknowledge and heal the trauma these events have caused, as this grief and pain continues to impact not only the family and friends of those who were killed, but on our community’s collective health and wellbeing today,” Parkhill said.

“The memorial will also help raise greater community awareness of violence and prejudice that LGBTQ people still experience and serve as a reminder of the importance of valuing and celebrating diversity in our community.”